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Give Me Shelter! by t.devlin
July 27, 2010, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Copenhagen 2010

Denmark is known as the welfare state, and welfare is not viewed in a negative connotation by the Danes, as they pay a large portion of taxes but in return see real results.  Apparently birds are included in the welfare state as well.  Jokes aside, these three bird houses were observed in the City of Copenhagen in three very different neighborhoods and each house speaks to it’s location.  The house on the left is on the H.C. Andersson’s Highway going past Tivoli.  Bird species in the urban envrionment require shelter just as any bird species would, and the urban environment is no exception.  Living in Copenhagen for almost 10 weeks now, small details that are easily overlook such as urban bird houses are coming forward.

Live well and Be well, Tim


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There is a giant bird house that looks like an antenna just outside of Christania…It more like a bird apartment complex, or the avian projects. Pretty sweet.

Comment by Nicholas Dodd

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