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Towns of Individal Character by t.devlin
September 20, 2010, 4:56 pm
Filed under: Martha's Vineyard 2010

Each town of Martha’s Vineyard is more radically different that the next.  They vary in population numbers, architectural styles, and overall development.  Take a look at the different town center maps above and browse the brief introduction below:

Aquinnah – By far the smallest town on island, Aquinnah can be found in the south west corner and is known for dramatic clay cliffs and the American Indian Wampanoag tribe, which is still very active today.

Chilmark – Boardering Aquinah, Chilmark is well known for the active fishing village of Menemsha.  The Town of Chilmark currently has the highest property values in the state of Massachusetts. The town has an unusually high percentage of def citizens and is where the Obama and Clinton families regularly vacation.

Vineyard Haven/Tisbury – This is the main point of entry to the island via ferry and is located in the northern section of the island.  Vineyard Haven and Tisbury are used interchangably.  This is a dry town.

West Tisbury – This town begins to form the area known as “up island” and is the agricultural center of the island.  Singer/songwriter Carly Simon is a resident.

Oak Bluffs – Oak Bluffs is one of the year round communities on island.  In the early 19th century, members of the Methodist Church pitched tents and held yearly meetings.  This eventually led to the development of the iconic Queen Anne and Gothic Revival cottages with gingerbread trim and unique color palettes that the area is so well known for today.  The campground is now a historic landmark and Oak Bluffs is a major tourist center on island.

Edgartown – Edgartown has deep historical roots in the whaling industry of the 1800’s.  Edgartown is now a popular tourist destination as many of the impressive homes of the whaling captains are fully restored and well maintained.  Paul McCartney, David Letterman, and Diane Sawyer all have homes in Edgartown.

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