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Small Icons With a Monumental Influence by esfdla
October 14, 2010, 11:29 am
Filed under: Martha's Vineyard 2010

While studying in Europe this summer and The Vineyard this fall, I have come across many examples of icons that have an immense value in association with place, contrary to their very small physical size .  While only a few feet tall at best, these icons are reproduced on T-Shirts, post cards, key chains, plates, spoons, and are even available in plush form.  They fall victim to vandals who paint them and snap off their arms and legs in an effort to crush morale or push a political agenda.  Tourists from all over the world pour off tour buses yearly to get even a glimpse of these iconic statues.  The icons pictured above are rooted in different origins.  For example, the Griffen in Malmö is the symbol for the province of Skåne, the Black Dog of Martha’s Vineyard began as a tavern, while The Little Mermaid, The Town Musicians of Bremen, and Make Way for Duckings are all rooted in cultural literature.  Apart from different origins, these icons in the landscape have become the symbolic representation of the province, city, town, or island in which they are located.  Sometimes the smallest features in the landscape evolve to have the biggest influence.

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