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December 6, 2010, 3:35 pm
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The community design charette for the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School was held in 2006 with the intent of using community voices to most effectively develop the area around the school.  The charette was sponsored by the Oak Bluffs Board of Selectmen, town planning board, and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.  To read a full report of the charette including the project background, goals, requirements, and community needs table, please click here. A total of 35 residents participated in the charette and were divided into five teams.  Below are the responses and program highlights from each team.

  • Create pedestrian trail to Featherstone Art Center
  • Place affordable housing in the North East corner behind ice arena
  • Develop shared parking between ice arena and YMCA










  • Develop new road between residential area and ice arena
  • Leave Community Services building as it currently is
  • Pave existing parking on east and south sides of YMCA building

  • Cluster key recreational buildings with shared parking for all
  • Place courtyard in front of YMCA so all activities can be seen
  • Implement two pedestrian cross walks, one at current access road and one at skate park

  • Encourage YMCA employees to park behind building
  • Create a small look road and bus stop off of main road
  • Split parking into 4 or 5 groups with trees planted in between

  • Maintain housing along east side of ice arena
  • Create a main pedestrian access point from High School to facilities across the road
  • Develop a parking lot next to the YMCA and ice arena to serve both facilities

Nearly four years after the charette was completed, the YMCA and surrounding area have been developed.  The initial ideas generated in the charette are reflected in the construction documents for the area produced by Amsler Mashek MacLean Architects of Boston, Massachusetts. The YMCA site plan is pictured below.

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