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Nyhavn Through time lapses
July 28, 2010, 7:52 am
Filed under: Copenhagen 2010

Hey all at my study site of Nyhavn (pronounce ne-houn) I’ve been looking at the way people use the space. One way I have done it is through time-lapse photography. It allows me to see just how people react and use the space but in a graphic that is quite interesting here take a look for yourself!

This video was about looking at the whole site. You can see many things going on here people passing through. But also how the canal tour boats work as a system, its pretty neat to watch.

Watch how people move through the site. Some just sit and relax, other have a certain destination. And some just want to provide entertainment. If you like people watching this is a site for you!

I wanted to get a diffrent view of Nyhavn looking from the bridge back to the start of the street. One thing I noticed in this video was the heritage boats in the canal and how much they add to the atmosphere of Nyhavn.

Copenhagen is known for its long days in the summer and long nights in the winter. In this video I wanted to see how much of a transition there was from day to night and it turned out pretty neat!

I hope you enjoy them each one tells a different story about Nyhavn and its sense of place. Nyhavn is such a pivotal part of the city being so colorful and such a picturesque staple of Copenhagen. That its such a wonderful place to sit relax and enjoy

Skal! (Cheers)Ryan